VictorKennedy, teaching artist
Georgia, USA

Bio: My wife & I have been involved in homeschooling ever since our first kid, now 20, was born. I have been teaching art to homeschool, private school, and public school youth for as long. I graduated Auburn Univ. /Graphic Design, have worked as an illustrator for magazine publishers, ad agencies, companies like Hallmark Cards and Spider Mag. I have redesigned and art directed two health foods magazines, designed packaging, logos, & in-house collateral, and illustrated for businesses. In 1991, to be home with my kids, I started free-lancing, illustrating children’s educational books for various publishers. I am now illustrating my own books with publisher, ionaleaf press. Nothing has ever given me more purpose and pride as being blessed with a faithful, supportive wife and three healthy and talented children who each now have a personal relationship with Christ. I pray for my kids and students as they are growing up in our nation's age of decadence. I have been teaching art more every year and have founded Pinwheel Art School. I am in the process of seeking partnership and one day mailto:artclass@gmail.com

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